Soulful Design Strategy

A soulful home design starts with a solid foundation

Gain the clarity and confidence you need to create a home that nourishes your soul and inspires connection.

There is nothing like walking into your new or newly renovated home and feeling a deep connection with how the spaces look and feel.

Having a home that perfectly reflects your values makes the investment of time, money and energy all worthwhile.

Finally, you have your own soulful sanctuary where you can make memories, celebrate milestones, connect and grow with the people you love.

Like most things in life, achieving a dream result is all about starting with intuition and intention.

That’s why I created the Home Design Strategy – a vital first step in the home design process.

A step that helps you articulate the vision for your home ensuring it reflects your values and lifestyle.

A step that aligns that vision to any planning and building regulations before you start designing.

A step that demystifies the building process giving you the clarity and confidence you need to create your home on time and within budget.

Because when you’re sitting in your forever home at the end of it all, I want you to look back on the experience and smile.  

The first chapter in your positive building or renovation story.  

We’ve all heard the horror stories about building or renovating a home – long delays, budget blowouts, a whole lot of stress and a disappointing result.

That doesn’t have to be your story.

The Home Design Strategy is the first chapter in a feel-good tale with a positive ending. It is a one-of-a-kind offering that will reveal untapped ideas and support you to create a home that nourishes, excites and restores you.

Before you dive into design mock-ups and concept drawings, the strategy will give you:


How do you and your family want your home to look, function and feel?

Together we’ll clarify and prioritise your wish list ensuring it aligns to your timeline, budget, lifestyle and values.

Forget assumptions and guesswork, I’ll help you understand the building process and the professionals you’ll need to bring your home to life.


If you engage me as your home designer, we’ll work together for over a year; it’s important we’re a good fit.

The Home Design Strategy gives you the opportunity to better understand my approach and ethos.

If we click, you can commit to a full home design confident that I’m the right designer for you.


There’s no point designing a soulful home if you’re not allowed to build it.

We’ll look at all the planning requirements and regulations relevant to your site including any heritage or vegetation overlays.

This will reduce risk and costly changes down the track allowing you to proceed with peace of mind.

How does it work?

Step one

The brief

I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out prior to our consultation, including strategic and guided questions about the vision for your home.

This is your chance to list your ‘must haves’, ‘nice to haves’ and ‘ultimate haves’.

Instead of just focussing on fixtures, fittings and layout, I want you to consider your values and how you’d like to feel in each space.

Step two

Custom consultation

After I’ve reviewed your brief, we’ll catch up for a two-hour Zoom consultation.

We’ll deep dive into the vision for your home analysing the functionality and aesthetics as well as the meaning behind them.

I will get an idea of what matters most to you so your home can become an extension of you and your family.

Step three


Now that we know what you want to achieve, I’ll start researching what’s possible.

I’ll source reports specific to your site and look at planning and building regulations including:

  • How close can we build to the boundary?
  • How high can we go without overlooking or overshadowing your neighbours properties?
  • Are we permitted to move vegetation or do we need to work around it?
  • Are our design options limited by a heritage overlay?

Step four

Your soulful strategy

You’ll receive a comprehensive strategy so you can make that big financial commitment with your eyes wide open.

This includes:

  • A Soulful Home Vision Board that encapsulates your values, preferences, personality and lifestyle.
  • A Planning Compliance Report that demystifies the planning requirements relevant to your site and any associated design considerations.
  • A Building Compliance Report that details the building requirements specific to your site and how they may impact your home design.
  • An Action Plan that breaks down the design process, timeframe, estimated budget per square metre, and the professionals you’ll need to engage.
  • A Fee Proposal for your full home design if you choose to engage me as your home designer.

Step five

Follow-up consultation

Once you’ve had a chance to review your strategy, we’ll catch up for another Zoom meeting to talk through the findings.

This is your chance to ask any questions and gain total clarity before you begin designing your soulful home.



Who is it for?

The Home Design Strategy is perfect if you:

are planning a home renovation or new build

want a home that makes you feel comfortable, connected, understood and energised

understand the value of intuitive design and getting things right from the get go

want to ensure your building project runs as efficiently as possible

are keen to get to know me and how I work before engaging me as your home designer.

Emily Nair

Why choose me?

You need someone in your corner who can immediately tap into what you need then provide expert guidance to make it a reality.

That kind of quick, comprehensive insight relies on experience and the ability to anticipate any roadblocks before they happen.

I’ve got that experience in spades. With almost two decades spent studying and delivering building design for families, I know what makes or breaks a project.

But a great home design is about more than experience.

There's also my intuition

I believe that’s what truly set me apart. My clients are surprised by how deeply – and quickly – I’m able to grasp their personal situation and get to the heart of what they need by asking questions they wouldn’t think to ask themselves.

I’m here to help you articulate a vision for your home in a way that feels soulful and specific to you.

In just a few weeks, I can connect the dots between your vision and a precise and accurate plan to help you achieve it.

Most importantly, I will make sure you feel confident, calm and supported from day dot.


“Emily is an approachable person with a genuine passion for helping families achieve their dream space.

She was attentive with a great eye for detail in meeting the brief provided by my wife and I (even our kids). She managed to integrate all of our ideas and requirements into a harmonious living dream that will last generations.

Emily was sensitive and well-informed on new products in the building industry and her ability to offer creative solutions to suit out living habits and culture was second to none.

Emily is a golden find and we couldn’t be happier with our dream home!”

Mr L Tan and Mrs S Chen, Canterbury