Let's design a space together

A space that supports connection with the people that matter the most; your clients and your family.

For me and my clients

building design is an evolving journey, from first creative concept to final realisation.

My team and I are based in Melbourne, Victoria and we work with a select number of clients every year.

From experience, I know this process requires genuine connection, presence and collaboration over longer periods of time from you and I.

That’s why I prioritise projects with a synchronicity of aspiration, time and budget, and invest in working relationships that are aligned and built to last.

If that sounds like the kind of experience you’re seeking, then let’s talk.

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Free Resource

7 mantras for soulful living

A soulful life and a soulful space go hand in hand. But if we are to create both?

We have to begin by tuning into ourselves and what matters to us.

This collection of 7 soulful living mantras will help you get started.

Use them to ask deeper questions about what a soulful life and space feels like for you.

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