Breathing new life into a beautiful Victorian-period home in Ivanhoe East with renovation and extension.

Project Scope

I worked with Peter to breathe new life into a beautiful Victorian-period home. The scope of the project was two-fold. We aimed to restore the original homestead to its former glory; ensuring it was structurally sound, while retaining as many of its defining design characteristics as possible.

Additionally, we designed and built a completely new extension to the property. This extension was designed to maximise the occupants’ experience of the gorgeous natural surrounds, while still being visually cohesive with the existing structure. From the redesign, to the restoration and build, to landscaping and interiors, it was an immersive creative challenge at every stage.

Design Approach

It was essential that my approach was attentive to the original structural attributes of the property. We started with a visual and structural restoration of the original homestead, focusing on the front facade of the existing house. Additionally, we added extra large windows to elevate the design and leverage the gorgeous outlook to the south.

Following the restoration, I designed a new double storey extension, often referred to as the ‘bedroom wing’. This was built along the eastern boundary of the property, which allowed all bedrooms to have views that overlooked the backyard and Melbourne skyline.

The final solution was to design the extension to sit independently on the original homestead. This was then connected only via a new bluestone paved, glass atrium passage, which led into the opulent ballroom-sized family room.

The result? A home that seamlessly fused past and present. This restoration and renovation project allowed us to optimise the functionality of the space, while still paying homage to it’s deep historical and local significance.

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