More than just a ‘place of business’

Your premises connects your customers and clients with what you do.

It brings your brand to life.


When you first think of your business' brand, what comes to mind?

Maybe your logo? Your colour palette? Maybe even some custom-made stationery? While these visual elements all contribute to your brand, it’s actually about so much more than your aesthetic.

It’s the entire EXPERIENCE you offer potential and current customers and how they feel after every interaction with your business.

It’s how you connect with them at every touch-point.

Let's work together to elevate your business design and customer experience.

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And what could be more essential to this experience than your premises?

More than just a ‘place of business’, your premises connects your customers and clients with what you do, in a way that no visual branding can.

It’s immediate. It’s tangible. It’s immersive.

But so many business owners miss out on this potential when designing their premises, because they don’t consider what kind of experience they want to create.

And without this knowledge, they can't design a business premises that brings it to life.

Create an experience

That’s where i.Balter Design comes in.

Together, we’ll help you get clear on who your business serves, and what their expectations are when they enter your space.

From there, we’ll strategise on how we can use your premises to create a completely elevated brand experience that people connect to.

The result? A design concept that showcases exactly what makes your business distinct, and delivers the best possible service to your customers.

Here’s what the process looks like

Step 1:Dream

We work together to understand your intention for the space.

It starts with knowing how do you want people to feel when they walk into your business. When we know what we want your customers and clients to connect with, we can find ways to bring this to life through your space.

At this stage, I help you curate your inspiration in a meaningful way, exploring function, aesthetics and customer experience. This is where we’re coming up with a rock-solid design brief.

I'll develop design sketches, obtain quotes and finalise creative concepts, aligned with your time-frame and budget.

Step 2:Design

We work together to communicate your brand through a complete design concept.

I consider function, aesthetics and customer experience, as I develop structural and interior designs. At this stage, I’m also ensuring your space will be compliant and the build cost-effective.

This is where we’re developing the designs beyond our initial creative concept. I’m engaging external consultants to interpret the design as required, obtaining quotes and ensuring compliance at every step of the process.

I’m also making interior design choices, guided by your intention for the look and feel of the space.

Step 3: Create

We work together to bring your building design to life.

Managing the design and build execution yourself is the most stressful part of the process. But that’s exactly why you engaged me - so that you can rest easy in this part, trusting that your vision is in safe hands.

I’m purposeful with how I involve my clients in the creation stage. I consider how to keep you involved, without demanding that your time and energy be spent in ways that don’t make sense.

At this stage of the project, I’ll make any necessary changes in line with town planning approvals and other compliance regulations, and developing the final design detail so that we can secure a building permit and pass on the plans to your builder.

I’ll also be liaising with external consultants like structural engineers, heating/cooling consultants and energy assessors. And, making the final choices for internal materials, appliances, fixtures and flooring.

This is where my attention to detail thrives - I keep a finger on the pulse of the overarching project, but I also dive into the details of execution and collaboration (so you don’t have to).


"The benefit of engaging Emily was a well-designed and unique dental practice.

She saw the design process so differently to corporate companies like Medifit and I believe that is what sets our practice apart from others.

From the beginning of the project, Emily was quick to educate herself with dental practice standards and regulations. She was mindful of my timelines and budget throughout the project, maintaining constant communication with my practice manager and myself.

Emily used her passion for design and her creativity to solve challenges as they arose. Throughout the entire process, she was always very professional, personable and approachable.”

Dr Max Patel, Director of Siana Dental

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