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Holistic design

I founded this company because I wanted to deliver a building design experience that was soulful, strategic and experiential.

Too often, I saw people getting stuck with one-size-fits all solutions that don’t serve the evolving needs of their families, or their customers.

When studios fail to take a holistic view, they forget about the human who will be living and working in that space every day. The result was hard-working people and business owners pouring money into designs that don’t deliver them the experience they expect.

I knew i.Balter Design had to be different.

Through a highly personalised, collaborative approach, I help my clients get clear on how they want people to feel when they enter their space.

Guided by this, I can then make intuitive design decisions that consider function and aesthetics in equal measure.

Whether it’s tapping into the brand behind a business or diving deep into the evolving needs and priorities of a family, we put experience first.

And that means designing spaces that put connection front and centre.

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“Emily was recommended to us for the extension of our existing practice and her customer service was excellent.

i.Balter Design supported us through drafting the plans, selecting colours and materials, and paying close attention to many areas that may have otherwise been overlooked.

The result has been great. The colour scheme is fantastic and the rooms now have such a good feel about them.”

Dr Fong Yong, Director of Sunbury Dental House

First up, I started my own family.

As a mother to two beautiful boys, I began to appreciate my home on another level. It became a place where we could make memories and regroup as a family, and a safe sanctuary we could return to when life got wild.

During those early days of motherhood, I found myself facing a bowel cancer diagnosis and a rare skin condition called vitiligo (which caused patchy loss of skin colouring on my body).

It was throughout this healing process that I really took notice of the spaces that surrounded me. From surgeries to waiting rooms, wellness studios to the ICU, those environments had a profound impact on how I felt throughout a fairly tumultuous time in my life.

These experiences showed me how our physical spaces end up being the backdrop to the important moments of our lives.

It also showed me how they actively shape our lives; they evoke feelings within us and are powerfully experiential.

Connected and present.

When we get it right, the design of our spaces should make us feel more connected and present to the people around us.

From my own experience as a parent, I knew I wanted to help people create homes that felt restorative and replenishing.

A centre-point their families could return to.

Somewhere that made the daily routine of living easier, intuitive and seamless.

From my experience as a client of countless health and wellness companies, I knew I could support business owners to elevate their spaces.

To design premises that actually aligned with their brand and the kind of customer experience they wanted to evoke.

From that desire, i.Balter Design was born.

With a mind that constantly seeks out solutions, strong intuition and keen creativity, I help families and businesses design spaces that are an authentic reflection of who they are.


As the founder of i.Balter Design, Emily Nair creates spaces that support the connections that matter.

With qualifications in Building Design and Drafting, Interior Design, and Building and Construction (Estimating), Emily specialises in residential and commercial building design. She believes that our physical environments have a powerful impact on how we live and work.

Known for her strong intuition, creativity and solutions-focused approach, Emily works closely with her clients to create homes and business premises that reflect who they are, what they do and what’s important to them.

From first concept to final realisation, i.Balter Design is there to be your trusted advisor and advocate throughout the entire process.

The result is soulful, strategic building design that helps people connect to something bigger than themselves.

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