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I'm Emily Nair.

I’m a building designer and the founder of i.Balter Design.

I create soulful spaces that feel like an extension of who you are, what you do and what really matters to you.

Working with families and purpose driven business (across the health, wellness and hospitality industries).


The core of who I am and what I do

Watch my short one minute video about my story and why soulful spaces are important to me.

Summary of Services


From my own experience as a parent, I knew I wanted to help people create homes that felt restorative and replenishing. Somewhere that made the daily routine of living easier, intuitive and seamless.

From my journey through cancer and my experience as a patient of countless health and wellness spaces, I knew I could support business owners in designing premises that actually aligned with the kind of customer experience they wanted to evoke.

From that desire, i.Balter Design was born.

With a mind that constantly seeks out solutions, strong intuition and keen creativity. I help families and businesses design spaces that are an authentic reflection of who they are.

Chat with me about designing your space with intention


For a space to really ‘work’, it can’t come from a template.

It should feel like an extension of you; tailored to your family and lifestyle, your customers and your brand.

That’s why I offer a building design service that is collaborative and personalised.

Together, we’ll distill how you want your space to feel. We’ll make design decisions that maximise its function, aesthetics and overall experience.

We’ll bring it to life with a process that feels seamlessly strategic, every step of the way.


I can support your family with the following services

New Build

Building a new house. This can be done on your vacant block of land, or can involve the demolition of an existing property.


Double and single storey extensions to an existing home.

Interior Renovation

Reconfiguring/redesigning internal spaces in your existing property. This could include designing and fitting-out a new bathroom, kitchen etc.

Town House Development

Designing and building town-houses on an existing block of land, suitable for dual occupancy. This can include the demolition of the existing property.

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I can support your business with the following services


A commercial fit-out of a leased or purchased property.


A conversion of an existing residential home into business premises. This process includes structural alterations of the house and the internal fit-out.


Demolishing an existing residential house to build new business premises. This process includes the internal fit-out.

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I design premises for purpose-driven businesses in the health, wellness and hospitality industries.

Throughout this process, I consider what you do, who you serve and the customer experience you want to create.

Together, we consider how you want your space to feel. We think about the experience you want to create for everyone who enters it.

The end result?

A design that showcases exactly what makes your business distinct and delivers the best possible service to your customers.

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I design homes for families.

Throughout this process, I consider your unique needs, lifestyle and priorities.

The end result?

A design that makes your family life more seamless, more comfortable and more connected.

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"Emily is the linchpin of our entire venue design and construction project management.

Her technical knowledge, together with her ability to translate that to non-technical people, allows her to engage much deeper with the process of building design.

Emily’s designs are translated into some of the most thorough construction drawings you are likely to see and she was able to create an amazing sensory experience for our customers that is exceptionally functional, modern and conveys the “premium” nature of our brand all the way through the facility."

Adrian Pitts, Business Manager of Latitude Group

Get to know me.

Hi, I'm emily nair.

For as long as I can remember, I have been endlessly fascinated by people and how we connect with each other.

In every facet of my life, I am committed to finding ways to deepen and enrich those connections.

I do it as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a business owner.

But it wasn’t until I found building design that I realised the role our physical spaces play in how we experience connection.

Get to know me

Free Resource

7 mantras for soulful living

A soulful life and a soulful space go hand in hand.

But to create both, we have to begin by tuning into ourselves and what matters to us.

This collection of 7 soulful living mantras will help you get started.

Use them to ask deeper questions about what a soulful life and space feels like for you.

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